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           Welcome and Thank You for visiting Northern Kentucky Right to Life web site. Northern Kentucky Right to Life is the oldest and largest Right to Life organization in Kentucky. Our contact info is:


P.O. Box 1202

Covington, Kentucky 


(859) 431-6380

This non-denominational organization, founded in 1971, is dedicated to the most basic right - the Right to Life.

           The efforts of Northern Kentucky Right to Life have been directed to two main purposes. First, to educate others that:

RTL Baby
  • human life begins at the moment of fertilization
  • each individual person's significance or importance is that he or she was created by God and his or her value is not determined by another person or persons
  • the unborn child's Right to Life is from God
  • every life is a life worth living
  • abortion is always morally wrong and unacceptable

           NKRTL's efforts have been to educate people as to when human life begins, the value of each and every person, as to the attacks on human lives (abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and suicide) and what must be done to stop the 1.5 million abortions performed in the USA each year.

           The second area to which NKRTL has devoted its efforts is to change the present status quo, which permits abortion on demand. In order to have the laws of our country again provide equal protection to the unborn child, the efforts of NKRTL have been directed to the passage and ratification of an amendment to the US Constitution codifying the personhood of the unborn child from the moment of conception and in the interim to provide as much protection as possible to the unborn child and their mothers and fathers.

Pro-Life Efforts and Activities

The efforts and activities of Northern Kentucky Right to Life include:

  • Publication of a newsletter
  • Maintaining an office and telephone to offer assistance and answer inquiries
  • Distribution of Pro-Life literature
  • Sponsoring speakers and films
  • Voter information
  • Legislation information
  • Sponsoring rallies and picketing
  • January "March for Life" newspaper ad
  • Annual Celebration for Life
  • Monthly liturgies (Canceled by Bishop  Foys in Sept. 2006)
  • Sale of Pro-Life Christmas, Thank You and All Occasion cards
  • Publication of Pro-Life Newspaper Ads
  • Assisting other Pro-Life Organizations, especially those involved in direct service to unwed mothers

           If you would like to become an active supporter by attending programs, reading literature, making donations to help pay for educational materials, use materials available in our office to help educate others or volunteer to assist where best suited for you, please feel free to contact the Northern Kentucky Right to Life by phone, email or postal mail. All contact information is listed below.

Know someone who is pregnant, or suffering from a past abortion, and needs help?
These agencies can, and want to, help.
Northern Kentucky Right to Life Committee
President: Mr. Robert C. Cetrulo, J.D.   Vice-President: Mr. Fred H. Summe, J.D.
Recording Secretary: Miss Kathy Murphy   Treasurer: Sandra Jones, CPA
Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Marge Huth, R.N.  

Northern Kentucky Right to Life would love to hear your Comments, Suggestions and / or Questions. Visit our Newsletter for Northern Kentucky Right To Life up to date issues.

PO Box 1202
Covington, Kentucky, 41012
Phone: (859) 431-6380

e-mail address: nkyrtl@gmail.com


Copyright © 2006 by Right To Life of Northern Kentucky, All rights reserved

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