2018 General Election Candidate Questionnaire


Download: 2018-PAC-endorsements

November 8, 2018, General Election Endorsements and Recommendations of NKYRTL-PAC:

For a full explanation of each recommendation please download and read the PDF.


  • U.S. Rep. – 4th Dist.: Thomas Massie (R)
  • State Rep. – 60th Dist: Sal Santoro (R)
  • State Rep. – 61st Dist: Michael Fletcher (R) Savannah Maddox (R)
  • State Rep. – 63rd Dist: Diane St. Onge (R)
  • State Rep. – 64th Dist: Kimberly Poore Moser (R)
  • State Rep. – 68th Dist: Joseph M. Fischer (R)
  • State Rep. – 78th Dist: Mark Hart (R)
  • Boone County Judge-Exec: Gary W. Moore (R)
  • Boone County Comm. – Dist #1: Cathy Hudson Flaig (R)
  • Boone County Comm. – Dist #2: Charles Kenner (R)
  • Boone County Comm. – Dist #3: Charles Walton (R)
  • Boone County Commonwealth’s Attorney – 54th Dist.: Linda Tally Smith (R), Louis Kelly (R)
  • Boone County Atty.: Teresa Lyn Cunningham (R)
  • Boone County Clerk: Kenny Brown (R)
  • Boone Circuit Clerk: Dianne Murray (R), David Martin (R), Jennifer Barnett (R)
  • Boone County Sheriff: Michael A. Helmig (R), Anthony (tony) Wilson (R)
  • Boone County Pva: Cindy Arlinghaus Martin (R)
  • Boone District Court, 54th Dist, Div. 2: Keith A. McMain
  • Campbell County Comm. – dist #1: Brian D. Painter (R), Lloyd Rogers (R)
  • Campbell County Comm. – dist #2: Peter Garrett (R), Jerry Gearding (R), Geoff Besecker (
  • R)
  • Campbell County Comm. – dist #3: Tom Lampe (R)
  • Campbell County Commonwealth’s Attorney: Justin Fortner (R)
  • Campbell County Attorney: Steven J. Franzen (R)
  • Campbell County Clerk: Jim Luersen (R)
  • Campbell Circuit Clerk: Taunya Nolan Jack (R)
  • Campbell County Sheriff: Mike Jansen (R)
  • Campbell Circuit Court, 17th Dist., Div. 2: Hon. Dan Zalla
  • Kenton County Judge-exec: Kris Knochelmann (R)
  • Kenton County Comm. – Dist #1: Beth Sewell (R)
  • Kenton County Comm. – Dist #2: Jon E. Draud (R)
  • Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney – 16th Dist: Rob Sanders (R)
  • Kenton County Atty: Stacy Tapke (R)
  • Kenton County Clerk: Gabrielle Summe (R)
  • Kenton Circuit Clerk: John C. Middleton (R)
  • Kenton County Sheriff: Charles L. Korzenborn (R)
  • Kenton County Jailer: Terry Carl (R)
  • Kenton Family Court, 16th Dist, Div. 5: Peter A. Roush

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